You kissed someone of the same sex and you question your sexual orientation? You question your gender identity?

Háttér Társaság 2017. szeptember 04.

You are ready to ‘come out’ but you are not sure what’s the first step or what might be the consequences? You kissed someone of the same sex and you question your sexual orientation? You question your gender identity? You would like to speak to someone?

In Hungary today, a private therapy session could cost up to 12.000Ft (39EUR). If you would like to speak to someone, Háttér Society provides free counselling services for those who need help answering these questions.


Háttér Society was founded in 1995 and is the largest Hungarian LGBTQI organisation with the widest range of support for LGBTQI people. We have a free information and counselling hotline, operate a 24/7 HIV/AIDS information hotline, offer free legal counselling, and do have our own LGBTQI archive, and library.

Since 2014, we also provide free personal counselling with the help of our educated volunteers. If you are struggling with:

  • acceptance of your sexual orientation/gender identity
  • leading a satisfying life
  • mental health
  • forming relationships
  • managing conflicts
  • relationship problems
  • handling stress
  • coming out
  • or any other difficulties in connection to LGBTQI life

Our counsellors are here to help, please fill up this form and we will be in touch.


More on Personal Counselling:

Our aim is to support the LGBTQI community while providing individually focused support services to anyone, regardless of their financial background and/or where they live. Our service is led by professionals and supported by our mental health peer counsellors with years of experience.

Sessions are held once a week for 12 weeks. Each session is 50 minutes long which can be conducted via skype or in person. Anyone can apply who identifies themselves as an LGBTQA person or is seeking help in this field.


Life in Hungary as an LGBTQI person

Legal recognition and human rights for LGBTQI people have advanced in the last decades by changing and widening our laws (registered partnership granting same-sex couples similar right as to spouses, equal treatment legislation), and social acceptance of LGBTQA people has also increased. According to the latest study by Háttér Society, 45% of Hungarian citizens agree that a child should rather be living with same-sex couples than in foster care.

In spite of all these positive steps, LGBTQA people still face challenges in their everyday life. The negative, judgemental behaviour from some communities in our society and the lack of solidarity still impact their mental and physical wellbeing. This type of behaviour can be caused by our society not being open-minded, its people coming from a generally bad mental health background themselves without receiving any or false information on this subject.

Despite all social and political difficulties, the Hungarian LGBTQA organisations, such as Háttér, are still existing, improving their social impact and continuously expending their services.  

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